Where’s The Beef?

9 Mar

Okay, everyone… time for a pop quiz!!  I know, I know… nobody likes it when Teacher springs a surprise quiz on them, but I promise this one won’t have a major impact on your final grade.  Alright, all you have to do is tell me what this is a picture of:

Is it:

a.  Fiberglass insulation

b.  Play Doh

c.  Unicorn poop

d.  What school cafeterias are labeling as “beef” and feeding to your kids

The correct answer is… d!  If you answered a, b, or c… well, you actually might still be right (I’m sure they all share similar properties).

Yes, believe it or not, this “pink slime” (as it has so aptly been dubbed by scientists) has made its way onto your child’s cafeteria tray.  More specifically, it is “ammonium hydroxide-treated ground connective tissue and meat scraps”… or, as your kid calls it, beef.  Yum!!  I mean, this substance was even banned by McDonald’s… a company who sells a product made up of similar ingredients to Silly Putty and labels it “chicken”.

If you want any more of an incentive to send your kids to school with a bagged lunch, continue reading about the pink slime here.  It’s sure to wet your appetite.

Also, is it just me, or does this stuff remind you of the river of slime from “Ghostbusters 2″ that oozes its way into Dana Barrett’s apartment and turns everyone evil?

I feel like the striking similarities between these substances are no coincidence…

Either way, they’re both just as scary!

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